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Outlook and iCloud Calendar Sync

Postby Navigator72 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:08 pm

Code2 Sync between Outlook 2010 and iCloud is a very helpful tool. It addresses a shortcoming in iCloud that makes it very difficult to use Outlook and iCloud / iPhone unless you have Exchange Server. Individuals and small businesses, Code2 Sync is very appealing. :)

However, there's a limitation ... more in iCloud than Code2 ... that can have some unintended and undesirable consequences when doing a sync between Calendars. Code2 does a nice job of duplicating new Calendar items in Outlook to an iCloud Calendar program, and then allowing iCloud sync to move those to the cloud where the Calendar item can sync with an iPhone. BUT if you accept an Outlook meeting request, and Code2 Sync duplicates that to the iCloud folder and to iCloud, several problems result:
- the meeting will carry all the addressees from the original invitation
- iCloud will treat this as a NEW meeting request that YOU generated, and will SEND invitations to all of the original addressees
- this iCloud generated invitation will come from a "no-reply" address at me.com. You won't know it's been sent unless one of the addressees contacts you and says something like "what's up"? :?:
- if you then try to delete the duplicate meeting in iCloud folder, or if the originator deletes or changes the invitation and you accept the change in Outlook 2010 Calendar, Code2 Sync will duplicate that action in the iCloud folder ... it will be pushed to iCloud ... and iCloud will broadcast that change or deletion to all the original addressees.
- You will have people telling you to stop cluttering and confusing their Outlook ... and a few other choice words in many cases [I know from recent experience with a new client !] :x

So, the workaround is:
- turn off the Code2 Sync for Calendar items
- if you add a calendar item manually to Outlook 2010, use CTRL-Click and drag it to the iCloud calendar folder manually.
- if you accept a calendar invitation in Outlook 2010 DO NOT CTRL-Click and drag to iCloud. [That would drag along all the addressees info and generate the issue described above] Rather, copy the relevant content info from the Outlook calendar item, then create a new calendar item in the iCloud calendar folder, paste in the info.
- the calendar item with the content, but not the addressees, will be pushed to iCloud and available to sync with iPhone.

Perhaps Code2 can find a way to duplicate a Calendar item, but WITHOUT the addressees for an invitation. That would avoid this issue, I believe. It does not appear from the iCloud forums that there's much chance that Apple can address this ... there's know way that iCloud Calendar could distinguish a bonafide new Calendar item that's created with multiple invitees from an item that appears "new" [to iCloud] but is actually the result of accepting an invitation in Outlook.
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Re: Outlook and iCloud Calendar Sync

Postby howard » Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:17 pm

Hi there! Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass them to CodeTwo developers, maybe they will include them into the next version of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.
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